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Welcome to The Ebi Foundation

Our goal is Helping Memories Last in anyway we can

Our Services

We aim to provide in support in 

Heart & Hands
Specialist Equipment 

We can either provide monetary support to families for specialised equipment, hold fundraising events to raise money or try and secure a donation of the equipment itself . Families often have to pay for essential equipment themselves and it can be very expensive, we aim to help reduce this cost as much as we can and improve their quality of life.


Helping Memories Last

We provide funding towards amazing experiences for anyone with life-limiting illnesses. It could be anything;  theme parks, holidays, sports matches. However we can help to make amazing memories that will last. No request is too big or too small we may be able to cover the entirety of some requests or at least help to contribute towards others.


Counselling Support

We as a charity aim to help provide, where needed. Providing mental health support to individuals who are living with a terminal illness and also to their families in any way we can. The counselling itself will not be provided directly by the charity, instead we will provide the funding for a registered counsellor. The counsellor will be chosen with regards to the beneficiary, their location and their situation.

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About Us

Our Story

In 2022 we lost a truly beautiful young woman, a Sister, Daughter, Gran daughter and Friend. Eboni`s soul was beautiful and just before she passed, we asked her what she would do if she could do anything it would be to create a charity to help people like her live a better life.

Ebi lived a life full of adventure, laughter, and ups and downs. The Ebi Foundation was formed in her honour to help others live a life she did through helping anyone living who suffers with a terminal illness as well as their families with funding for specialist holidays, days out for the family, specialist equipment and mental support through the tough times.

Get to Know Ebi

We raised over £25,000 in 6 months to fund Eboni's Electric Chair which changed her life and helped create lasting memories. Take a look at the video below to see for yourself why Ebi inspired us to help others.

Want to help out? Check out our Events below.


Get to Know Us

The Ebi Foundation sprang to life from a heartfelt wish - Eboni's final wish. Established in 2022 by her dedicated brothers, Luke, and Ryan Bunn, we embarked on a mission to immortalize Eboni's legacy. Eboni was a beacon of compassion, always placing others before herself. Her philosophy was simple yet profound: cherish every moment, focus on the positives, and make lasting memories to brighten the darker times.

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